ML Schedules™ Software
 allows District Admins to set a specific future time frame in which Requests can be submitted in one of two ways:

  1. By a number of days (including weekends).
    E.g., 120 days (4 months)
  2. By a specific future date
    E.g., March 17, 2017

The fields to make the Set Days in Future selection are available from the Settings > District Wide Settings screen as shown below.

If you set a specific number of days, the end date will be continuously changing. For example: If you set the number of Days in Future Allowed to 180, it will never allow an event more than 180 days in the future to be submitted. However there is no specific end date. 

If you set a specific date in the future, it will be a hard end date as to when requests can be submitted until. For example: If you have “Open and Closed” request periods. You can set a “Close” date, where you will not allow requests to be submitted past a certain date. You can then open the date up again, when you are ready for requests to be submitted by setting the date to a further day in the future.