ML Schedules™ Software allows districts to require a 50% deposit for approved events lasting longer than a specified number of hours.

When this feature is enabled, an invoice will automatically be sent to the Requestor for the deposit amount when the event is approved. The 50% deposit will be based on the facility usage fee and any requested support staff and equipment for the event.

To setup the Require 50% Deposit for Events field for approved external Group requests while logged into the software with 

District Admin privileges:

1. Select the Admin > District Settings > Invoicing Setup command from the black toolbar.

The Invoicing Setup window will be displayed.

2. Enter the longer than event duration field in whole hours for which a 50% deposit will be required.

Note: Leaving the field blank or entering 0 leaves the feature disabled on a district-wide basis.

Deposit Invoicing

Group Managers will automatically receive an invoice for 50% of the estimated total fee when their Requests are approved for events that are longer than X number of hours entered. (Events from internal Groups that are not charged Facility Usage Fees will not be affected by this setting).

The Payment Information section of the invoice (shown above) includes a Deposit Required Before Event line with the deposit amount due.