MLSchedules™ Software Invoicing Options from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

ML Schedules™ Software has the ability to send invoices to external Group Managers automatically upon Facility Use Request approval. However, some Districts prefer to send all invoices manually after the events occurred to ensure that all related costs and fees as actually incurred appear on the invoice.


Any District Admin users can set this up by doing the following: 

1.  Select Admin > District Settings > Invoicing Setup.

The Invoicing Setup screen will be displayed.

2.  Under the Event Invoicing drop-down, District Admin have the option to select:

  • Automatically On Approval
  • Manually After Event

Invoices can be sent after events have occurred by selecting the Send Invoice command on the Facility Use Request Details page, accessible from the Manage Requests index screen. Click here to view further instructions.