The following sequence is recommended to implement Group Classifications at districts that currently use ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software:

  1. Define Group Classifications.
  2. Add Classification Facility Usage Fees to all available District Spaces.
  3. Assign current Groups an appropriate Classification.

While all three steps need to be completed in this sequence, districts can decide at what pace they want to implement Classifications among current Groups. 

For example, steps 1 and 2 can be performed at anytime without effecting the way Requests are currently made. Step 3 can be performed on a staggered basis starting with assigning Classifications to all internal school Groups to zero out their Usage Fees and/or bypass the approval process.

Other Group Classifications implementation recommendations include:

  • Once Classifications are implemented at your district (i.e., as soon as any Groups are assigned to a Classification), you’ll need to regularly check the Manage Classification Groups screen to ensure all Groups have the correct Classification assigned to them.
  • Groups that don’t have an assigned Classification will see the Hourly or Per Event Rate default setting for each space when making a Request.
  • When using the Group Classification Usage Fees, values must be entered for all Classifications in each space available for use.