ML Schedules™ Software allows Group Classification Managers and District Admin to Approve, Reassign, Decline a requested Classifications by a Group and send a Note to the Group Manager.

To Approve, Reassign or Decline a Group Classification:

1) Select Users > Manage Groups.

The Manage Groups screen shows all groups in the system that have submitted Facility Use Requests at your district. You can search for a Group using the search box. You can also sort on a column by selecting the column header.

To view more Group details you can click on the Group name.

2) Select the Edit (Edit) icon next to the Group name that needs to be approved/reassigned/declined.

3) If the group needs to be Approved, select the Save and Approve Classification button.

4) If the group needs to be reassigned to a different Classification:

    a. Select the appropriate Classification from the drop-down menu.

    b. Select the Save and Approve Classification button.

5) If the group needs to be Declined, select the Decline Classification button.

To Send a Note to the Group Manager/User requesting the Group Classification:

If you need to send a Note to the user asking for more information or letting them know why you are Approving, Reassigning or Declining their requested Classification:

1) Enter the notes in the "Note for Group Manager" field

2) Selecting the Save button will send your note to the Group Manager via email.