ML Schedules™ Software allows Group Classification Managers and District Admin to Approve, Reassign, Decline a requested Classifications by a Group and send a Note to the Group Manager.

To Approve, Reassign or Decline a Group Classification:

1) Select Users > Manage Groups.

The Manage Groups screen shows all groups in the system that have submitted Facility Use Requests at your district.

You can filter this list by:

  • Classification (including unassigned groups)
  • Status (pending/approved)
  • Insurance (valid/expired)
  • Blocked/unblocked groups

To view more Group details you can click on the Group name.

2) Select the Edit (Edit) icon next to the Group name that needs to be approved/reassigned/declined.

3) If the group needs to be Approved, select the Save and Approve Classification button.

4) If the group needs to be reassigned to a different Classification:

    a. Select the appropriate Classification from the drop-down menu.

    b. Select the Save and Approve Classification button.

5) If the group needs to be Declined, select the Decline Classification button.

To Send a Note to the Group Manager/User requesting the Group Classification:

If you need to send a Note to the user asking for more information or letting them know why you are Approving, Reassigning or Declining their requested Classification:

1) Enter the notes in the "Note for Group Manager" field

2) Selecting the Save button will send your note to the Group Manager via email.