To Approve or Decline a Group Classification:

1) Select Admin > District Settings > Manage Group Classifications.

The Manage Group Classifications screen shows all groups in the system that have submitted Facility Use Requests at your district.

You can filter this list by:

  • Classification (including unassigned groups)
  • Status (pending/approved)
  • Insurance (valid/expired)
  • Blocked/unblocked groups

Note: To view more group details you can click on the group name.

Right click and select open in new tab to view full size

2) Select the Edit (Edit) icon next to the Group name that needs to be approved/declined.

3-A) If the group requested to be assigned to the correct Classification, select the Save and Approve Classification button.

3-B) If the group needs to be assigned to a different Classification:

a. Select the appropriate classification from the drop-down menu

b. Select the Save and Approve Classification button.

3-C)If the group needs to be declined, select the Decline Classification button.

*If you need to enter any notes to the user, enter them in the Approve or Decline Notes for User field. These will be sent to the user by email.