MLSchedules™ Software Assign Classifications to Existing Group from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.


Existing ML Schedules™ Software users can request a Group Classification by accessing their Group Profile via the Edit icon from the Profile screen.

Upon selecting the Request Group Classification at a District button, users can view each Group Classification to request the one they believe is most closely associated with their group.

District Admin then have the responsibility to review the classification requests and either approve the classification requested or assign them a more appropriate classification.

Note that not all districts use Classifications; if a district name does not appear on the Request Group Classification screen’s District drop-down menu, that district does not use Classifications.


Once logged into the software as an Admin:

1) Select Admin > District Settings > Manage Group Classifications.

    The Manage Group Classifications screen shows all groups in the system that have submitted Facility Use Requests at your district. You can filter this list by Classification (including unassigned groups) and by Request Status (pending/approved).

2) Select unassigned from the Classification filter to view groups that have not yet requested to be assigned to a classification.

    Note: To view more group details you can click on the group name.

3) Select the Edit icon next to the Group name that needs to be assigned a Classification.

Note: Select the Group name if you need to see more details before assigning them to a Classification .

3-A) If the group requested to be assigned to the correct Classification, select the green Approve button.

3-B) If the group needs to be assigned to a different Classification:

a. Select the appropriate classification from the drop-down menu

b. Select the Save & Approve button.