The Additionally Notify user role allows email notifications to be sent to certain staff members who need to be notified of approved district events.

Additionally notified users may be set up to:

  • Always be notified when a specific facility (Space) within the district is being used, or;
  • Be added during the Request approval process, depending on the details of the event.

Users assigned the Additionally Notified user role will see and have access to the following information:

1. Email notifications for the following instances:

  • If a District Admin has determined they must always be notified when a specific facility (space) at the district is being used.
  • During the approval process if a Space Approver or Request Manager determines they need to be notified about an event based on a specific approved Request (i.e., an event).

2. Available ML Schedules™ Software  Reports.

3.  Submit Facilities Use Requests for approval.

Examples of Use

  • A specific custodian needs to be notified whenever there is an event in a specific location.
  • A projector and microphone were requested so the AV support person is set as a notified user if needed.

District Admin Note: Click here to see the procedure to assign a user the Additionally Notify role.