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ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software provides District Admin with the ability to create Group Classifications and to apply specific setting to new or existing Classifications.

Navigate to these settings:

1.  Select Settings > Setup Items > Manage Classifications

The Manage My Classifications page will be displayed. 

Group Classification settings allow District Admin to assign Groups to specific Classifications that will determine the following:

Facility usage fees

Note: This setting can be found in the Manage Spaces section. 

This setting allows for invoices to be generated based on the Group’s Classification and associated Facility Usage Fees. 

For example: A high-school football team can be assigned to a Classification that does not get charged a fee for using the facilities. However, a community hockey club can be assigned to a different Classification that charges groups $25/hour to use the same facilities.

Navigate to Admin > District Settings > Manage Spaces.

The Manage Spaces page will be displayed. See Add/Edit a Space for more information.

Ability to bypass the approval process
This setting allows District Admins to determine which Groups will have the ability to submit a request without having to follow the normal approval process. 

For example: A district may want internal staff members to have the ability to book Spaces without going through the approval process if the Space is available. Group Classifications enables District Admin to allow select groups to bypass the approval process while still making it mandatory for other Groups.

Ability to bypass the min/max days notice
During the initial set up, the District Admin will enter both the number of days notice required to make a request and the number of days in the future that a request can be submitted.

For example: A District may require Groups to submit requests at least 7 days prior to the requested date. The District may also restrict Groups from submitting requests more than 6 months out in the future. Some Districts do not want to restrict internal staff from requesting Spaces for the entire school year; Admins have the ability to enable internal staff members to bypass these settings while still restricting community groups from booking a space for the entire year.

Ability to bypass blocked dates
Typically, Groups are not allowed to bypass 
Blocked Dates and enter requests during these time frames. The district may choose to set up different time constraints, holidays, etc in which most Groups are not allowed to submit requests. This Classification settings allows District Admin to select Classifications to bypass this setting and still enter events during these blocked off time frames.

Ability to require insurance (flag)
Typically, Groups are required to upload insurance files and document the expiration date of the certificates to submit a request. If a Group does not upload its insurance information, they will be flagged and notified that the District requires an insurance file upload before making a request. 

For example: District Admin may choose to not flag staff to upload an insurance file if they are requesting a Space for school-related activities. With Classifications, District Admins are able to choose which Classifications receive the required insurance flag and which Classifications do not.

Ability to require insurance (block)
Districts may not want to allow groups to submit facility requests at all, if the required insurance documentation is not provided. If a district would like to block groups with missing insurance information from submitting requests through the system, they can choose the Classification to require insurance (block), in addition to the insurance flag.

For more information see, Require Insurance (Flag) vs. Require Insurance (Block).

Ability to double book
This setting allows districts to enable a conflict management type of environment when managing facility use requests. Districts may allow certain Classifications of Groups to submit requests when there are other Pending requests for the same facility.  This allows the district to choose the Group who they are going to Approve to use the facility and deny the others (instead of working on a first come, first serve basis).

Below is a chart showing the Group Classifications settings for a typical public school district using ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software.

Right click and select open in new tab to view full size

Ability to require Groups to Agree to Estimated Costs

This setting allows districts to require Groups within specific Classifications to Agree to Estimated Costs before submitting their requests. This helps to eliminate any potential confusion regarding facility use costs that may be incurred for an event.