MLSchedules™ Software Google Calendar Integration from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

  1. Create a Google Calendar for every Space community members can request as well as  those that internal staff members can request directly through Google Calendar with no approval process.
  2. Only grant access to internal staff members who do not require approval. If a user requires approval, force them to go through the ML Schedules™ Software approval process.

Integrating ML Schedules™ Software with Google Calendar

Creating New Calendar In Google

  1. Click on the down arrow located on the right side of  “My Calendars” field.
  2. Click on “Create New Calendar” command.
  3. Name the calendar to match the Space you are integrating it with in ML Schedules™ Software. (Note: You do not have to enter any information in the Description or Location sections)
  4. Find the “Share with Specific People” field at the bottom of the page and enter the following email address:
  5. Change the permissions to “Make Changes to Events.”
  6. Click “Add person”
  7. Share and allow permissions to “Make changes to events” with all staff members who will be entering events on this space without going through approval.
  8. When finished select the “Create Calendar” button.

google calendar

Linking a New Calendar with a Space in ML Schedules™ Software

  1. Find the calendar you just created on your list of calendars in google.

  2. Hover over the calendar and select the down arrow.
  3. Select “Calendar Settings.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Calendar Address” field and copy the link in the “Calendar ID” field.
  5. Paste the copied link into the “Google Calendar ID” field on ML Schedules Space setting.
  6. Select the Save button. 
  7. Repeats steps 1 – 6 for all individual spaces that are being integrated with Google Calendar.