MLSchedules™ Software Managing Blocked Dates from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

ML Schedules™ Software includes two powerful automation capabilities for district Admins to block Facility Use Requests for select times of the day for:

  • A specific building or;
  • All buildings, in a district.

The blocked setting can be applied on a one-time, weekday or daily basis to the select building or all district sites.

To use this feature, after having logged into the software as an Admin:

1.  Select Admin > Manage Blocked Dates from the main menu bar.

The Manage My Blocked Dates page will be displayed. 

2.  Select the Add Icon () to add a new date that you want to have blocked from use. 

The Manage Blocked Dates screen will be displayed that includes the following new fields:

  • Start Time and End Time relative to the Date.
  • Site drop-down menu to select all district buildings or a specific one to which the blocked setting will be applied.
  • Recurring drop-down menu to select the frequency of the recurring blocked date (none, daily and weekdays [Mon. – Fri.] only).
  • Note section

If either recurring blocked date option is selected, you will need to enter an ending date in the until field.

Be sure to select the Save button after making all desired settings.

The blocked times and buildings set in the Manage Blocked Dates screen will appear as unavailable when internal or external Group Managers submit a Facility Use Request.