ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software provides District Admins with the ability to assign groups as Internal District Groups.

This gives District Admins the ability to submit requests on behalf of those groups when needed.

For example: If a coach of a district athletic team set up a group in ML Schedules for their team (ex: Girls Varsity Basketball Team) to enter certain events (such as team dinners, award ceremonies,etc). However the athletic department wanted access to the group to enter their games or practices on behalf of the team. 

In this situation a district admin user  would want to set the team up as an official Internal District Group, so that the athletic department had access to the group as well.

The Internal District Group setting can be managed from the Manage Group Classification page.

See Submitting a Request On Behalf of a Group, to set up this setting.

IMPORTANT: By default, all new or existing Groups are classified as Community Groups (i.e., not Internal School Groups) unless an  Admin assigns it independently.