ML Schedules™ Software district users who are assigned the District Admin role have the ability to modify and update the district's District Admin settings at all times. 

These are District Wide settings that will affect all of your users. 

To access the District Admin settings page:

1.  Select Settings > District Wide Settings from the Left-side toolbar. 

The District Admin page will be displayed. 

2. Complete the following settings as needed:

Show Event Details to Public: You are given the option to Show or Hide event details from the public.  If you show the details then the public will be able to see the Group name and all event details. If you Hide the details then the public will only see that the Site/Space are Unavailable.

Days Pending for Reminder Email: Set a reminder email to be sent to approvers when an event has been pending their approval for X number of days.

Require Group Classification: When a new user creates an account, you have the ability to require that the group be approved before they’re allowed to submit a request.

District E-mail for Contact Form: This person will receive community members questions regarding using your facilities.

District E-mail for Classifications: This person will receive notification when a new group creates an account, so that they can approve them.

Days Notice to Cancel: You have the ability to require a specific number of days notice to cancel a request. (Most common setting here is 2-3 days notice).

Days Notice to Request: You have the ability to require a specific number of days notice to book events. (Common number of days are 7 or 14 days notice).

Days in Future Allowed: This is where you would set how far out into future you are going to allow requests to be submitted (Most common settings here are 180 or 365 days into the future) You can also set a specific Date here, but if you do this, you must remember to continue updating it.

Logo For Reports: You have the ability to select “Choose File” and upload any image you would like to have appear on your reports. (Show the one page per report).

Terms & Conditions File: We recommend that you upload a PDF document for your terms and conditions/policy. The Terms & Conditions file will show at the bottom of each request.  There will be a hyperlink to View the file before submitting the request.

Integration Settings: There are different Integrations settings that you can set here. Typically you would work with your account manager to configure these settings. If you would ever want to configure any of these we would recommend contacting us for assistance.

Public Display Settings: Links for public facing views (calendar, dated list view, etc) will be displayed here. Along with the option to show/hide different event information on all public views.