Note: Use this procedure to add new district users if your district does not use and/or does not want to import from Active Directory users. If your district uses 

Active Directory, you may want to use the import Active Directory users option to setup district staff much faster than using the procedure described here.

Admins only need to complete a few mandatory fields for each user during account set up. Users can then add more information to their User Profiles using the edit function after first logging into the system.

To create an internal district user account while logged into ML Schedules™ Software with District Admin credentials:


1. Select Admin > District Settings > Manage Users from the top black toolbar. The Manage My Users screen will be displayed.

manage users

2. Select the Add () button from the Manage My Users screen to display the Manage User in Your District screen.

3. Enter the Users First Name, Last Name, Email Address and select Yes/No to send email with login information to the user.

Note: You can go back and change this to Yes later on, if you want to hold off on sending login information at that time.

save new user

4. Assign the user specific Roles and permissions as needed (for detailed information on each Role and permission click here. )

5. Select the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save the entered data and setup the new user account..

6. Repeat steps 1 – 4 for each new user account needed.