Maintain a School District g-calendar for staff-initiated events while automating Facility Use Requests made from community residents.

Automate your school district’s Facility Use Request process for community users while maintaining a separate Google Calendar for internal Requests that don’t require staff approval.

Calendar Report

ML Schedules™ Software‘s Google Calendar option provides complete integration with these existing calendars to manage internal staff facility and space usage.

Each Google Calendar has a unique Calendar ID accessible from the Calendar Settings > Calendar Address field. With the optional module, you can copy the Calendar ID and paste it into the corresponding Space in ML Schedules™ software.

Once a Facility Use Request is made with ML Schedules™ software, the request is automatically created on the associated Google Calendar so no other users can request that space at that time. (If the Request is either denied or cancelled via ML Schedules™ software, the event is automatically deleted from the Google Calendar).

Any event created in Google Calendar will automatically show up as Not Available when users search spaces via ML Schedules™ software.