ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software allows District Admins to customize the fields displayed for an online Facility Use Request form associated with a specific space.

For example, a Request form for a High School Pool could include fields like No. of Lifeguards Needed (Personnel) and Aquabikes (Equipment) that would not appear on a Request Form for a Classroom space where these fields are not applicable.

The procedure below describes how District Admins can customize which fields are associated with Request Forms for specific spaces. For more information about Customizing form fields by Space, see the background article in the Theory Guide section.

Customizing Facility Use Request form fields by Space

From any ML Schedules™ Software screen while logged in as a District Admin:

1. Select Admin > District Settings > Manage Spaces from the black top toolbar to display the Manage My Spaces screen.

2. Select the Edit icon () next to the Space for which you want to customize the Request form.

The Manage Space screen will be displayed similar to the example shown below.

The Manage Space screen includes checkboxes for every available field that can be assigned to the Facility Use Request form associated with the selected Space.

At the bottom of the Manage Space screen is a list of all available fields, including any custom ones, as listed in the Manage My Fieldsscreen.

3. Select the checkboxes next to the fields that should appear on the online Facility Use Request form associated with the current Space.

4. Select the Save button to save the field selections.

The Manage My Spaces screen will be displayed.