Video Tutorial: Create a Space within a Site (Building)

ML Schedules™ Software Admin Tools: Managing Spaces from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

ML Schedules™ Software district users who are assigned the District Admin role can add a new space or edit an existing space within a site at any time using the following procedure.

There are two procedures covered in this post:

1.  Adding a new Space associated with a Site (building).

2.  Editing Existing Space Settings.

Adding a new Space associated with an existing Site

Use this procedure to set up a new Space associated with an existing district’s site (building).

1. Select Locations > Manage Spaces from the main menu bar. 

The Manage My Spaces screen will be displayed.

2. Select the Add Space Button () from the Manage Spaces screen.

The Manage Space screen will be displayed.

3. Complete the Basic Space Information fields about the space including:

  • Site (drop-down menu)
  • Space Type (e.g., Auditorium, Classroom) (drop-down menu)
  • Site Name
  • Is an Athletic Space?
  • Is always available? (Click here for more information on this setting)
  • ML Work Order™ Software Space (drop-down menu)
  • Background and Text Colors for Google Calendar display
  • Google Calendar ID
  • Maximum Occupancy
  • Space-specific notes

Note: Upon selecting a parent Site from the drop-down menu, the system will automatically load the selected site’s Default Approval Path settings in the Space Default Approval Paths section (if this was configured in the Manage Sites settings).

4. Complete the Space Usage Fees entering the highest Facility Usage fee for this space as the Default Rate field as well as the district’s Group Classification rates (e.g., staff, non profit, for-profit group).


  • If your District is charging the same fee for all groups, only complete the Default Rate field; leave the Rate Per Class Per Hour fields empty.
  • If your District is using Group Classifications then the “Default Rate” should be the highest-cost usage fee applied to a Group.

5. Complete the Space Default Approval Path field as follows:

  • Complete the Default Approval path portion if your district does not use Group Classifications OR if all Classifications follow the same approval path. 
  • Complete the Approval Path By Classification section if your district has different approval paths based on the Classification of the Group who submitted the request.

Note: The Default path will be overridden by a class-specific approval path. Please click HERE to learn more about Approval Paths.

Note: Under Approval Path By Classification, there is an option for Approval to not be Required. The setting will allow this specific Classification to bypass the Approval Process for the Space listed. In order to use this method, please create an approval path with no steps listed. Click the link above to learn more.

6. Select  the Billing Office User that will receive copies of all invoices associated with this Space.

Select the district user that will receive all invoices associated with this space.

7. Select any district users that need to be notified whenever a Facility Request for this space is approved (e.g., custodian, AV technician).

8.  Select all the fields that should appear in the online Facility Use Request form associated with this space.

Note: Selecting the Check All Fields box will mean ALL Fields shown will be displayed on the Space’s Facility Use Request Form.

Specify exactly what fields are displayed in an online Facility Request Form associated with a specific space.

9. Select which Group Classifications can submit a Facility Request for this Space.

10. When all required fields are completed, select either the:

  • Save button to save this space and its settings. The Manage My Spaces screen will be displayed.
  • Save and Create Another button to save this space’s settings and to create another space with the same settings.  

Editing an existing Space’s settings

Use this District Admin procedure to edit the settings associated with an existing space.

1. Select Locations > Manage Spaces from the main menu bar. 

The Manage My Spaces screen will be displayed.

2. Select the Edit Icon () next to the name of the space to be edited.

The Manage Space screen will be displayed for the selected site where all fields can be changed.

3. Make all changes necessary to the Space settings.

4. Select the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save all changes.