Video Tutorial: Create a Site (Building)

ML Schedules™ Software Admin Tools: Manage Sites from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

ML Schedules™ Software district users who are assigned the District Admin role can add a new Site or edit an existing Site at any time.

There are three procedures covered in this post:

1. Add a new Site

2. Editing Existing Site Settings

Add a new Site (Building)

1. Select Locations > Manage Sites from the black top toolbar. The Manage My Sites screen will be displayed.

Note: There will be no entries the first time you access this screen unless you have imported sites, spaces and approval paths.

2. Select the Add () icon from the Manage My Sites screen.

add new site

The Manage Site screen will be displayed (shown below) with the following major sections, each of which is explained in detail later in this procedure:

  • Basic Site information (e.g., site name, address, phone).

Note: This is the only required information needed when adding a Site. All other sections can either be completed on the Site level or can be completed on the Space level instead.

  • Default Facility Request Approval paths (without or with Group Classifications)
  • Billing Office information
  • Embedded List View display options including color of type and background
  • Group Classifications that can submit Requests for spaces at this site/building.

3. Complete the Basic information fields about the new site:

  • Name
  • Street Address
  • Primary phone no.

Please note steps 4 - 8 are optional Site level permissions and can be completed on the Space level instead if preferred.

4. Complete the Default Approval Paths fields if all Requests go through the same approval order, regardless of the Group who submitted the request. If the approval is based on the Classification of the Group who entered the Request, you can use the Classification Approval Fields to determine the approval path.

Note: The default path(s) entered can be overridden by a Space-specific approval paths through the Manage Spaces section. Please click HERE to learn more about Approval Paths.

Note: Under Approval Path By Classification, there is an option for Approval to not be Required. The setting will allow this specific Classification to bypass the Approval Process for the Space listed. In order to use this method, please create an approval path with no steps listed. Click the link above to learn more.

6. Select  the Billing Office staff that is responsible for Facility Usage fee invoices and management for this Site.

7. Enter the text and background colors for the site as it will appear in the List View that can be embedded in your district’s website. E.g., Entering white text on a blue background will define how all events related to this site will be displayed in the List View.

8. Select the Group Classifications that can submit Facility Requests for this site.

9. Select the Save button to save the new Site information. The Manage My Sites screen will be displayed with the name of the site just entered.

Once the Site is created, you can either create another Site by repeating steps 2 – 9 of this procedure or create spaces associated with the new Site.

Edit an Existing Site

Use this District Admin procedure to edit the settings associated with an existing district site (building).

1. Select Locations > Manage Sites from the black left toolbar. The Manage My Sites screen will be displayed.

2. Select the Edit () icon next to the name of the site to be edited.

The Manage Site screen will be displayed for the selected site where all fields can be changed.

Important: Be sure to select the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save all changes.