ML Schedules™ Software provides four different types of Facility Use Requests. 

What happens when your request does not get submitted properly?

There are two reasons why the Request button would not allow a Requester to submit a form.

1) One or more required Fields are blank.

Right click and select open in new tab to view full size

If you attempt to submit a request without filling out the required fields (denoted by an asterisk [*]), you will be brought back to the top of the page with the required field(s) shown in red letters.

Complete all required information; then submit your request.

2) The “I have read and agree to the District Terms & Conditions” has not been checked.

You will be unable to submit your request if the “I have read and agree to the District Terms & Conditions”  is not checked. After checking (selecting) the boxes, you will be able to select the Request button.

NOTE: Your request has only been submitted successfully when you receive the following "Thank you for your request" notification.