In its first year of use at North Syracuse Central School District (NY), community users of MasterLibrary™ ML Schedules™ software had practically no support requests based on the product’s intuitive design and online instructions.

However, as ML Schedules™ software becomes implemented in school districts throughout New York State and further afield, there will be times when community users may need a little extra help in getting their Groups up and running.

That’s exactly what our new ML Schedules™ Community User Quick Start Guide does in one handy PDF file.

After a brief introduction on how the software works, step-by-step instructions with screen shots are presented for everything a community user needs to know including:

1. Registering and setting up new User accounts and community Groups.

2. Reserving spaces by type (date and time, space, recurring, and multiple).

3. Editing User profiles and adding new Groups.

A generic version of the new Community User Quick Start Guide is available from the MasterLibrary™ website. Subscribing school districts receive a customized version of the Guide as a value-added service.

We hope you find the new ML Schedules™ Community User Quick Start Guide helpful and we look forward to your feedback.