ML Schedules™ Software allows District Admins to customize the fields displayed for an online Facility Use Request form associated with a specific space.

For example, a Request form for a High School Pool could include fields like No. of Lifeguards Needed (Personnel) and Aquabikes (Equipment) that would not appear on a Request Form for a Classroom space where these fields are not applicable.

Here are three examples of different Additional Information, Equipment, and Personnel fields that appear on Request forms for the following Spaces:

  • A High School Pool
  • A High School Classroom
  • A High School Conference

Note the different fields used in each space’s Request form based on the possible needs of the specific space. (Select any screen to see an enlarged version in a new window).

Customized fields that could be assigned to a Pool include Lifeguards Needed and water-exercise equipment.

Here are fields that would be pertinent to a Classroom space.

View the Customize Fields procedure for District Admins.